In the early days, mining for Bitcoin was as simple as downloading a small program and running it. With the super low hardware requirements back then one could mine a few bitcoins A WEEK with nothing more than a regular PC. Nowadays the game has changed. There are multimillion dollar mining farms all over the world, and for the simple user, bitcoin mining is basically impossible.

But don’t fret! Thanks to all of these other nice little Cryptocurrencies running around, we have our shot at mining up a nice little fortune with a small hardware investment. I am only going to talk about mining 1 Crypto, zCash. I myself mine zCash as it has the lowest hardware requirements (I’m using a single nVidia 980 GTX), and miners are reporting that out of all the cryptos right now, zCash gives you the most bang for your buck. You can also trade in your zCash for any other Crypto, isn’t that cool?

  1. Download nheqminer here If you have AMD GPU then download this
  2. Once downloaded unzip the atchive and enter the directory, it should be named nheqminer_v0.2_flypool
  3. Inside the directory create a new text document and rename it to “flypool.txt
  4. Now we will have to create a wallet key for ZCash if you don’t have one yet, i prefer , if you have an account with them go to “funds“, on the right top then select “Deposits/Withdraws” find zCash and copy the deposit address.
  5. Open “flypool.txt” document, and paste the following: “ “nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -t 7 -l PASTEFLYPOOLMININGSERVERHERE -u WALLETKEY.miner1“. -cd 0 means that i want to mine with my GPU if you have 3 GPUs then it should look like this “-cd 0 1 2”. -t 6 means how many threads should use from your CPU, my CPU has 8 threads but i am using only 6. Choose which server to use based on your region:
  6. Add your wallet key instead of YOURWALLETKEY and change “myrigname” to something personal like MYPC then save “flypool.txt” as “flypool.bat“.
  7. Open “flypool.bat” file by double click on it and the miner will automatically start.
  8. To check your progress go to and top right enter you wallet key.

(Original guide here)