The No Bullshit Page

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to have a “No Bullshit” page to explain exactly who we are and what we are about. First off, we is actually just me. I’m just a guy who loves crypto and wants to maybe make a little bit of it while teaching the things I’ve learned to others. Second, aside from only a few articles, almost all of the information and tools/resources shown on this site were NOT written or created by me. I curate what I believe are the best articles and resources for beginners. I try to link to the original content if it is copied from elsewhere, if you come across such piece of content that is not properly credited, PLEASE let me know and I will do so.

Monetization. Yes, we monetize this site. We do it via affiliate links, coinlinked urls, non-intrusive ads, and donations. There’s nothing to sign up or register for, but we do appreciate you whitelisting us for adblock. <3

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