This is the Crypto Quiz! It is a compilation of questions based on the information found on this site. You may take this quiz as many times as you like!

Welcome to your Crypto Quiz

When was the Bitcoin whitepaper released?

When was the Genesis Block mined?

In the Genesis block, Satoshi included a headline of The Times, both as a political statement and a timestamp. What headline did he include?

What was the original block reward?

Which was the first product to be traded for Bitcoin?

Speaking of trade, which website was the first to bring Bitcoin to a mass market?

How do you mine Bitcoin?

Where do you store Bitcoin?

What actually is Bitcoin?

Who is the mysterious creator of Bitcoin?

What is the Bitcoin Blockchain?

By what year will all bitcoins be mined?

Who controls Bitcoin?

True or False? You can buy things like Pizza and Jewelry with Bitcoin.

True or False? Lost Bitcoin wallets can be recovered.

How do Bitcoin refunds work?

What makes Bitcoin valuable?

What Cryptocurrency can you put your funds into that will hold them as close to they're current value as possible?

The government has recently implemented new tax laws regarding crytpocurrency gains. Which tax brackets do you have to be in to not be affected?

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