List of Crypto Exchanges

Here is our list of preferred Crypto Currency Exchanges that we recommend to use. We chose the exchanges listed here based on criteria such as longevity, fees, verification time, and support.



Coinbase is hands down the best place to make your initial purchases of BTC or Ethereum (and soon Ripple!). They have excellent support, quick purchase times, low congestion and affordable fees. You can sign up to Coinbase using this link and get credited $10 in bitcoin.

Coinbase Signup




Binance is the top Exchange right now. While their web interface is a little bulky, the Android and iOS apps are pristine. They allow for very quick movement of one crypto into another in their platform with no internal fees. This is where you send you Bitcoin or Ethereum after you purchase it so that you can diversify your portfolio. Sign up below: 

Binance Signup



HitBTC has been around since 2013 and is a huge player in the crypto game. Although they have no official app, the website interface is very nice. Sign up below.

HitBTC Signup