This is probably everyone’s next question after learning what cryptos are. Nowadays with the creation of Ethereum, jumping into the game is much simpler and cheaper than ever. Follow the steps below and you will become one of the .01% of the population sailing off into destiny on the Crypto Boat.


Step 1. Sign up for Coinbase here: ( ) attach a debit card, NOT a bank account (it will take 10 days to xfer with a bank), purchase X amount of Ethereum.

Step 2. Sign up for Binance here: ( Send your ethereum from coinbase to Binance.

Step 3. When your ethereum is on Binance, sell it for XRP (Ripple)

Step 4. Hold it and never let go.

Step 5. Thank me later.


Now step 3 is purely optional, you don’t have to trade your Ethereum for Ripple, that is merely a suggestion as Ripple is doing amazing in the markets at the time of this post it is only $2, up from 80 cents a week prior.